Autism la copil

Persoanele cu autism vad, aud si simt mediul inconjurator diferit. Autismul nu este o boala si nu se vindeca.  Dar, cu ajutor unei terapii adecvate si cu implicarea familiei copilul se poate integra in gradinite si scoli normale.

Despre Autism

Ulterior necesita o abordare multidisciplinara (medic pediatru, psiholog, logoped)

Ca parinti, este foarte important sa recunoastem semnele de autism si sa discutam deschis cu medicul copilului.

Primele semne sunt observate in jurul varstei de 2 ani, dar in multe cazuri diagnosticarea este tardiva.

Autism test

Autism – Early diagnosis

It is now possible to have a diagnosis before the age of three years.

Symptoms are now measurable by the age of 18 months and several research studies have identified the main characteristics that differentiate it from other developmental disorders occurring in the 20–36 months age range.

Distinguishing impairments are noted in the following areas:

  • eye contact;
  • orienting to own name;
  • joint attention behaviours, e.g. pointing, showing;
  • pretend play;
  • imitation;
  • non-verbal communication;
  • language development.

Multi-agency ‘core team’

This would normally involve:

  • specialist paediatrician (or child and adolescent psychiatrist);
  • specialist speech and language therapist (SLT);
  • educational and/or clinical psychologist;
  • teacher/education specialist.

Additional involvement may be required, for example from:

  • occupational therapist;
  • physiotherapist.

Assessment should also be carried out over time, as functioning can vary from day to day as well as from setting to setting and with different people.